Monday, March 22, 2010

missing jury duty

kind of a random entry here, but when i found out i had missed jury duty in atlanta, i freaked out. i mean, it says on the summons they can throw you in jail and fine you thousands of dollars! i googled "missing jury duty" only to find very little actual information. most people simply said, "you're better off just not missing it. the consequences are steep." DUH! i mean, doesn't everyone already know that? and why would you need to hear that AFTER you already missed jury duty?



just can't stand people that feel like they are offering you advice on what to do about a problem by saying you shouldn't have gotten yourself into the problem in the first place. thank you. captain. obvious.

so, the answer for what to do if you miss jury duty here in atlanta is this: simply call the number you were supposed to call to see if you as a stand by juror even needed to come in. press 6 in the automated menu to talk to a real person, tell them you wrote down the wrong date on your calendar for your summons and what should you do? they'll say (or at least my extremely calm and well-mannered man said): "it's okay. let's just reschedule you. how's mid may?" i said mid-may was fine and he said: "how about may 19?" i decided to push my luck at this point and say "well, if i have a choice, could i NOT do may 19 since that is my birthday?" he laughed and put me down for may 17. what an awesome guy.

here's to you, awesome guy at the jury summons office. thank you for being so understanding and helpful. i'll see you on may 17.

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