Tuesday, March 23, 2010

introducing albus a.k.a. señor fluff a.k.a the dood

oh the first of many, many posts about my doggle, albus. really, the best introduction is through pictures:

4 month old fuzz face

6 month old autumn beauty

1 year after his first hair cut

i gave albus his first hair cut using just a pair of scissors. it took hours! but i think he turned out pretty good looking. i did this in july, so by march the next year, his hair was beautiful and so long and wavy. i just loved it.

looking like quite the gentleman wizard, if i say so myself. 

but once it hit 70*, albus just seemed so uncomfortable, panting all day and sleeping on top of the AC vent. so it was time for a change. i decided to go for shorter than last year so he wouldn't be hot in september and october like he was last year. besides, i wanted to go for something a little more fun:

mohawk time! 

i went for 1/2" all over except his face which i tried to thin rather than shorten. i trimmed the beard a little and ran the clippers through his tail a few times just to clean it up a bit. he seems much happier and we are getting some awesome looks at the dog park.

i'll probably clip the mohawk off in a week or so when it gets too long to stand up, but it's fun for now.

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